Vendors on campus


Informal Business Meeting

á      SpeakerŐs Workshop

o      There is a ton of stuff online, PSCFA, etc., we donŐt need it in the same format anymore.

o      There will be a 2-night policy debate camp at DVC to try to help parli, LD and CEDA brand-new novices get more information on their style of debate.

o      Shawn Whalen suggests that the NCFA pays for housing for everyone.

o      Becky Opsata will organize it, including emails to the listserv to get confirmations, etc.

á      Judge Training and Quality

o      Jim Dobson suggests judge training or something to help inform judges about how to write ballots.

o      Shawn Whalen suggests that a training guide be put on the NCFA website that is easily accessible to hired judges.

¤       Also that judges should have to submit their info and something saying they read the guide so that we have a list of possible hired judges.

o      There was a suggestion that a space on the ballot be put in so that the judgeŐs school affiliation can be found so that the judge could be found and asked to write more comments.

á      Ombudsperson

o      They should judge at the NCFA tournament, but they should not work in the tab.

¤       If the students complain about the ombudsperson as a judge, that goes to the tournament director.

¤       Opsata suggests striking the line from the constitution that says the ombudsperson should not judge.

¤       Current ombudsperson is Todd Guy.

¤       Whalen suggests the ombudsperson judge, but pull them from the round if something needs to be adjudicated.

á      NFA LD

o      It should be at tournaments, but it should not impact the timing of the tournament.

o      It will limit the number of students who double-enter in IEs in a pattern.

o      A student canŐt do extemp and NFA LD.

o      This was tabled until the official business meeting.

á      Curriculum

o      Everyone talked about the various requirements of their forensics classes.

á      History of the NCFA

o      Todd Guy volunteered to ask some people about the history.

o      Becky said that any information should be sent to her so that it can be compiled.

o      Shawn said that the history should be put online, including numbers so that the decline or rise could be tracked.


Business Meeting

á      NCFA tournament director – CJ

o      NCFA Champs report from Shawn Whalen

¤       Tournament is healthy

¤       Fee structure is good

¤       Entries were fine

¤       Schools in attendance agreed it was run well and divisions were well divided

á      Interstate Oratory

o      The fee thatŐs charged for persuasive entries is not enough to cover paying for the entry, but NCFA is making enough in other entry fees to cover the cost and the persuasive fee should not raised


¤       DVC hosting the 2008 NCFA Champs

á      Archivist – Marlin Bates

o      UoP will continue to host the website; itŐs free

o      NCFA has already approved the funding for software

o      Becky asked everyone to check their contact info on the webpage and email Marlin with updates

á      Treasurer – Christina Whalen

o      End of June account balance: $11,760

o      NCFA fees will be collected at the NCFA champs ($40 per school)

o      This year will be more expensive because there are no more extra trophies

¤       Jim suggested something cheaper and more usable than hardware

á      Jim will investigate other options

á      Executive VP – Neil Glines

o      Update of minutes from the spring business meeting

á      President – Becky Opsata

o      CA forensics schedule has been typed up, not including the PSCFA

o      Chabot may be hosted at Ohlone

¤       Will be the same weekend

o      Feb 29 last chance AFA, Mar 1-2 AFA district 1 quals (hosted at UoP)

o      CCCFA Mar 12-16 (book for Wednesday night)

o      Pay $200 to Jon Bruschke for the use of his website at the 2007 champs

á      Spring Fling Tournament Director

o      Anna nominates Libby Simas; Jason seconds

o      Passes

á      Old Business

o      Funding for the Interstate Tournament

¤       Shawn motioned to increase the funding to $1500; Anna seconded

¤       BYLAW UPDATE: NCFA will provide $1500 for the school who goes to the Interstate Oratory Tournament from the fees gathered at the NCFA Championship tournament.

o      CEDA Workshop

¤       Shawn motioned to pay for the hotel rooms for people who attended the workshop; Julie seconded

¤       One year funding

¤       All rooms are 4 people per room, even coaches, and if you want a single room you pay the extra

¤       Passed

o      Ombudsperson

¤       Marlin motions for the ombudsperson to be available to judge; Anna seconded.

¤       BYLAW UPDATE: The ombudsperson will not get judging credit for having the position.

á      New Business

o      Finances

¤       Becky makes the motion to extend ChristinaŐs term as treasurer for a third year; Anna seconds

á      The election officers who have access to the account should be staggered to avoid any financial ramifications of not having the correct names on the account

¤       Passed

o      Judge certification

¤       Shawn motioned to have Marlin in charge of setting up a judge training link and database (on the website); Anna seconded

á      Judges will be certified for the NCFA tournament

¤       Passed

o      NFA LD

¤       Jason motions to have NFA LD at the NCFA tournament; Marlin seconds

á      Shawn dissents until we can look at the schedule and see how adding the event will impact the tournament.

¤       Tabled with the understanding of an emergency meeting on the Sat of UoP at lunch (11/10)

o      Executive Officers must be involved in forensics

¤       Marlin motions that to remain an executive officer in the NCFA you must be affiliated with an NCFA intercollegiate forensics program; Neil seconds

¤       BYLAW UPDATE: For a NCFA executive officer to remain in office the executive officer must be affiliated with an NCFA intercollegiate forensics program

¤       Passed

o      Handbook Editor

¤       Becky motions to remove the handbook editor vote from the fall business meeting; Jim seconds

¤       Passed

o      Discussing tournament dates

¤       Becky motions to start holding NCFA Ňsanctioned weekendsÓ discussions in the spring; Marlin seconds

¤       Passed

á      Adjourned at 4:11 PM