NCFA Business Meeting

Feb. 9, 2008

Delta Suite

Concord Hilton

Concord, CA




Food and drink served from 9:30-10:00 p.m. Social half hour.


Called to order at 10:01 p.m.


I.               Reports

  1. Treasurer. (Kristina Whalen) Kristina’s term extended another year. We have a little under 8,000 in the account after spending 1,600 on the debate camps and paying off the 07 NCFA trophies and Spring fling trophies. Chabot donated (with OHlone) the proceeds of this year’s Gladiator to NCFA. All accounting is not done but we stand to inherit around $850. Applause.
  2. Sec. Report. (Becky in place of Glines) Minutes are up on webpage from summer.
  3. Webmaster. (Marlin Bates) New website is completely free.
  4. Ombudsperson. (Todd Guy) Talked to FCC Eric Fletcher. We have all his notes as Exe. VP. Issue One: Video taping at rounds. We have no procedure for others videotaping competition. Perhaps a form. Ballots: No position for signature. Need something in the by-laws for signature.


Becky: We need a con/con. Discussion—we need to devote summer meeting because the updating of the constitution together. 


II.             New Business


  1. Summer conference. All had a great time. Perhaps we should “retreat?” Asilomar, Tahoe and downtown San Francisco were mentioned.  Seemed ppl liked moving around.
  2. Elections.
    1. VP of Tournament. Sue Peterson. Agreed to host it next year at Chico. Voted in favor of hosting CSU, Chico.
    2. Exe. VP of Sec. Tina Lum was elected as Exe. Sec.


  1. Debate Camp. 50 students attended. Fund again? Voted to fund debate camp again for up to $2,500.
  2. Fall Schedule. Plan ahead and coordinate our calendar. Shawn Whalen (SFSU) will take over the season opener slot from Cal. Whalen is trying to raise profile. Larry Schnoor will tab tournament. Please reserve your room soon (rather than summer) and he will be able to insure the block. The tournament will sit on top of Claremont. Sept. 27-28.


Nelson is likely to be in London so word is that Joe Corcoran will run the tournament next year. 


UOP will be hosting NPDA next year and the November tournament will likely be huge. If you have issues with the IE schedule, please talk with Marlin.


Note that Pt. Loma will move on top of our Champs next year.


Shawn moved that we have events at Spring Fling that matched regular tournament events more closely. We want Duo, Per, Info, Imp, and Ext. A general sentiment for getting rid of “fun events” was supported. Suggested that we put out all events and than collapse generously. April 26.


NFA-LD? Do we think this event was worth our time? Think about it. Move to table any decisions until we digest the champs.



      III. Old Business


            Lots of jobs.


Los Rios is hiring a generalist. Dept. is looking for forensics. Deadline is early March.


            Chabot is hiring.


Delta is hiring. Terry is moving to new campus and will retire from forensics. Terry will be missed.


Meeting was adjourned at 10:56.