NCFA Coaches Conference

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Diablo Valley College

Pleasant Hill, CA


Members present:

Patrick Moe (DVC), Steven Graham (Delta College), Kasey Gardner (Delta College), Kay Harrison (Ohlone College), Tim Elizondo (Columbia College), Todd Guy (Modesto Jr College), Jason Ames (Chabot College), Julie LaBrincha (Contra Costa College), Becky Opsata (DVC), Alexis Litzky (SF State), Jeremy Morioke (Folsom), Dan Scott (Fresno City College), Eric Fletcher (FCC), Kristen Tudor (Sac State), Mark Nelson (SRJC), Neil Glines (Solano), Libby Simas (Solano), John Hanecak (DVC), Sue Peterson (Chico), Kristina Whalen (City College of SF), Janet Brehe Johnson (Las Positas College), Tina Lim (San Jose State University)


Meeting called to order at 1:03PM by President Patrick Moe.


I.     Todd Guy reports on the date and location for NCFA Champs

a.    It will be 2/19 through 2/21 at Modesto Junior College

b.    There is a custodial fee of $3000 for the weekend, but they would come down to $2500 (for both campuses so it could be cheaper). It will and can come down, but we wonÕt know until after the fact.

c.    Becky makes a motion that we raise debate team fees to $10. Julie seconds. Eric calls for a vote.

d.    The motion passes with 1 Nay vote from Mark.

II.   Spring Fling will be on May 1 at Ohlone College.

a.    Thank you to Kay Harrison for volunteering to host.

b.    Casey and Nicole were nominated by Patrick to be tournament directos. Casey volunteered to be Director of Spring Fling.

III. Becky reported on the Constitution. Corrections were e-mailed out in July and a few things were discussed and agreed upon.

a.    Taping policy: Current text is copied from NDT. It has been included.

b.    Adoption of a wellness initiative was suggested by Marina at the Coaches Conference in August; the discussion was as followed:

                                              i.     Patrick – the language is good, but pragmatically, it works as an advisory, but not a mandate so should not be included.

                                            ii.     Becky – the wording shouldnÕt make exceptions for double-entered contestants.

                                          iii.     The discussion from the group seems to be against the adoption of a wellness initiative.

                                          iv.     Conclusion: We like wellness, we donÕt need to add it to the Constitution.

c.    Page 10: Association Awards –

                                              i.     added limited prep and debate split to parli and policy.

                                            ii.     You have to be a dues paying member to win the award. This is being added.

d.    Sweepstakes awards

                                              i.     Jim Dobson (Las Posita) had raised issues with the calculation of sweepstakes at the Coaches Conference, but Las Positas representative did not have the information so nothing was changed.

e.    Thanks to all the folks that worked on the constitution, particularly Becky for spearheading the efforts.

f.     Motion to approve. Constitution passes with 1 Nay vote by Mark.

IV. Debate breaks at Spring Fling

a.    Last year, 4 teams broke in Parli, but 7 teams went 2-0. Jason feels that if Spring Fling is for recruiting and Novices, we may to give more awards, rather than discourage some 2-0 teams that donÕt break.

b.    This is not an issue in IE since IE events broke to semis and finals.

c.    Patrick – this doesnÕt need to be a voting issue, but will be reflected in the Spring Fling invitation this year.

V.   Novice Debate Camp

a.    Thanks to Becky for running an awesome camp for the past three years. Can someone else take it over next year?

b.    Think about it. Sac State, Folsom and Chico have all expressed interest.

c.    Maybe we can go to 1-day camp or charge for hotel rooms?

d.    Nothing was decided, but it will not be at DVC next year.

VI. Budget issues/challenges?

a.    Do forensics programs give you release time? Stipend?

                                              i.     Some programs get class load and coach stipend

                                            ii.     Some programs get 2 class release time for forensics.

                                          iii.     The issue is raised that if data is collected, it should be anonymous.

b.    Sue suggested that maybe we can set up a wiki to post information for ways to save money in forensics.

                                              i.     Alternative hotels

                                            ii.     Sharing rooms

c.    Several schools will not be going to Phi Rho Pi. ItÕs too expensive. ToddÕs the regional rep for Phi Rho Pi. Send him ideas on how to change the schedule or other suggestions to improve. Community State tournament is also too long.

d.    Scrimmages are welcomed. Colombia is happy to host and attend.

e.    Community State Tournament – if you want policy debate there, please send the request to Eric Fletcher. It will happen, but folks need to write to him. FYI the tournament is on 3/17/10.

f.     Folsom thanks NCFA for our support. They had no budget and all tournaments waived fees and shared rooms. Folsom got a little $ for copies, but nothing else. Please continue to support their fledgling program.

g.    Intercollegiate Forensics by T.C. Winebrenner still in print and available.

h.   John Hanecak – if any community college programs donÕt have AA in Communication Studies, he can help with the forms because he just submitted them.

i.     Kristen – need to confirm dates for National tournaments

j.     Jason – make sure thereÕs support from CEDA schools to put CEDA on a separate schedule for Phi Rho Pi so that no one is alienated.

k.    (Jason) NFA-LD at NCFA? Do we need to have this at NCFA champs?

                                              i.     Sue - It was not a scheduling nightmare, but a judging nightmare. We couldnÕt get judges from beyond the school with entries. If we could solve judging problems, it wouldnÕt be a problem to add NFA-LD to champs.

                                            ii.     Todd – we have rooms for LD on Fridays and could add faculty to judge. Cap entries to 4 teams then it could work.

                                          iii.     Maybe we need to add LD to debate camp to encourage participation.

                                          iv.     We need to start LD earlier, not just for Champs because then itÕs not worth it.

                                            v.     Maybe a 1-day LD tournament in January or even transition workshop from Parli to LD.

                                          vi.     Conclusion: we like it and want to support it, but donÕt know how to best do it and will likely keep discussing it.

VII.        Thank you!

a.    Please pay dues if you havenÕt already.

b.    Everyone is welcome to have pizza and go bowling later.

c.    Coaches reception at 9PM at the Hilton


Meeting adjourned at 2:22PM.