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Second Edition

Edited by 
T. C. Winebrenner
California Polytechnic State University 
Intercollegiate Forensics is designed as an introductory textbook for college and university level forensics students. The text, which is geared specifically for novice competitors, is composed of twenty-three stand-alone chapters authored by some of the region’s most successful coaches. Included are five chapters on the forensics experience, chapters on each of the standard individual events, chapters on cross-examination (policy) debate, parliamentary debate, and Lincoln-Douglas debate, and three appendices. Integrated into the section on platform speaking events are the texts of fourteen award-winning student speeches. 
Available through Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company   ISBN 0-7872-4380-9   $33.95 paper 
"Probably the best contemporary overview of forensics. . . ." 
-- The Forensic of Pi Kappa Delta
Table of Contents 
Part I: Participating in Intercollegiate Forensics 
    1.   The Values of Forensic Participation 
      Steven B. Hunt
    2.   Attending Forensics Tournaments 
      Raymond "Bud" Zeuschner
    3.   A Guide to Basic Research: Traditional Sources and Strategies 
      Allan McKissick
    4.   Searching Cyberspace: A Guide to Electronic Resources 
      Pat J. Gehrke
    5.   Ten Principles of Practice 
      Allan McKissick and Jan McKissick
Part II: The Platform Speaking Events 
    6.   Argument Analysis 
      Suzanne Larson and Joe Corcoran
    7.   Communication Analysis 
      T. C. Winebrenner
    8.   Extemporaneous Speaking 
      Allan McKissick
    9.   Impromptu Speaking 
      Cynthia Dewar
    10.   Informative (Expository) Speaking 
      Diana Crossman
    11.   Persuasive Speaking 
      Joe Corcoran
    12.   Speaking to Entertain 
      Jack Perella and Steven R. Brydon
Part III: The Oral Interpretation Events 
    13.   Oral Interpretation Events in Forensics Competition 
      Susan Stathas Houlihan
    14.   Dramatic Interpretation 
      Kathrine Lemke Waste
    15.   Duo Interpretation 
      Jan McKissick
    16.   Poetry Interpretation 
      Janet Brehe
    17.   Prose Interpretation 
      Janene Whitesell
    18.   Readers Theatre 
      Patti Keeling
Part IV: The Debate Events 
    19.   Demystifying Debate 
      T. C. Winebrenner
    20.   A First Look at Debate Propositions 
      T. C. Winebrenner and Nicholas F. Burnett
    21.   Parliamentary Debate 
      Robert Trapp
    22.   Cross-Examination Debate 
      T. C. Winebrenner
    23.   Lincoln-Douglas Debate 
      Mark Woolsey
Appendix One: Sample Statement of Ethical Principles 

 Appendix Two: Descriptions of Individual Events 

    American Forensic Association 
    National Forensic Association 
    Phi Rho Pi 
    Northern California Forensics Association
Appendix Three: National Association Eligibility Requirements 
    American Forensic Association 
    Cross Examination Debate Association 
    National Forensic Association 
    National Parliamentary Debate Association
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