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A Message from the Vice President of University Advancement

Ted Leland, '70, '74
Ted Leland

Dear Friends,

I firmly believe that each of us is given a certain amount of time, talent and treasure in life and that philanthropy provides the vehicle with which to share our gifts with the causes that touch our hearts and inspire our souls. An investment in Pacific is an investment in personalized education, the pairing of quality with affordability, leadership development, community involvement and in broadening the academic reach of our students.

The continued prosperity of Pacific relies heavily upon several key factors, many of them pursued from within the University Advancement division, including Pacific Fund , Alumni Relations , and Advancement Services.

Pacific asks for your commitment as we look toward the future of the University, a future where additional resources can be make possible access to programs, facilities and scholarship. Know that in giving back to your alma mater you are upholding the very ideals that have earned Pacific a place in the lives, memories, and hearts of so many. Please join me in making Pacific your cause.


Ted Leland, ’70, ‘74

Vice President, University Advancement


Make your gift today.