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A Guide to Giving

Pacific will work with you to help you and your financial advisor determine the most beneficial arrangement for making a gift to Pacific. The general information in this Guide to Giving may help you choose. Always consult your financial advisor before making any decisions. To create a legacy that will last decades, an endowment is a way to give year after year.

Pacific Fund

Your unrestricted gift offers the university the greatest flexibilty. What you choose to support is entirely up to you. You may designate your gift for any purpose that contributes to the University of the Pacific's three-fold mission of teaching, research, and service, and that is acceptable to the regents of the University. Among the most useful gifts, however, are those designated for "wherever the need is greatest." Your unrestricted gift gives Pacific much needed flexibility with an otherwise rigid annual budget. Your gift allows the University to take advantage of unexpected opportunities and meet challenges that arise after budgets are set. You can be confident that your unrestricted gift will be put to the best possible use. With any gift, we always encourage execution of a gift agreement.

Gift Agreements

Whenever a gift fund is set up, it is wise to create a gift agreement. The agreement sets out your specific criteria for how the University will utilize your gift. It ensures that the gift will always be used exactly as you intend. It also may set out provisions for alternative uses, should it become impossible or impractical for the University to carry out your original intention (as when, for instance, advances in knowledge render a given field of study obsolete). For these reasons, Pacific now requires that all new funds have a written gift agreement on file. The Pacific development staff will work with you to draw up the agreement. Your gift can become a legacy to future generations of Pacific students in the form of an endowment.

Giving to Pacific
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