812 - Trial Advocacy (3)

This course is designed (a) to make students competent in the basic skills of courtroom jury trial, (b) to enhance studentís knowledge of the rules of evidence by application in the trial context, and (c) to enhance students capabilities in public speaking and persuasion. The course deals with all phases of trial work including voir dire of jury panel, opening and closing statements, direct and cross-examination of witnesses, and presentation of evidence (including the use of computer-based slides and exhibit displays). Ethical problems in trial practice are also considered. Each student conducts a full-scale mock civil and criminal trial. Extensive use is made of videotape for feedback and critique. Open to all students currently enrolled in or having completed one of the following: LAW 174, LAW 175 or LAW 176. (P/F or graded, at the studentís option, which must be declared by the end of the first week of the course.) (Simulation).