961 - Field Placement - Semester in Practice (2-14)

Students will perform on-site legal work as half-time externs (minimum of 280 hours) or full-time (minimum of 560 hours) externs during a semester under the supervision of a field placement supervisor in a court, government agency or nonprofit organization, or in a private placement. Private placements are limited to those areas in which students are unable to gain practical experience without receiving academic credit and are not otherwise available through regular field-placement offerings. Private placements have included IP, Entertainment, General Counsel, Water, and Lobbying-related placements. Students must complete pre-placement interviews with the Director of the Field Placement Program and the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs before applying to placement sites. A studentís enrollment in a half time or a full time externship must be approved by the Field Placement Director, the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, and by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Half time and full time externships may have class rank requirements, and generally, are recommended only for students in the top half of their class. (Up to 7 P/F units for half-time; up to 14 P/F, or 12 P/F units and 2 graded units, for full-time).