Sharing the Rewards: Answer and Discussion


Person A: $5000

Person B: $5000

Person C: $5000

Person D: $5000



People in collectivist cultures seek the good of the group over the good of themselves, not because they are indifferent to their own welfare, but because they feel the surest way to guarantee personal survival is to make sure the group thrives and prospers. Hence, it would be more important and comforting to me for everyone in my group to benefit as much as possible from this bonus, getting the maximum each person could get ($5000), than for me personally to get more because I happened to do more work. If the person who was only able to do 10% of the work (not that we would even bother to make these calculations, mind you) only got $2000, I would worry about that personís financial well-being. If that person suffers from financial need, then his/her performance at work might slip, and then we would all be in trouble.