Discussion of Answers


If you answered Yes, you probably: 

1.      Prefer to speak directly, and in a linear manner. It is possible that you prefer to approach a topic in a detached manner. You may also use an intellectual engagement style but only if that is common in your culture.

2.      Prefer to engage in intellectual debate because it may lead to some sort of “truth.” However, you may just be on the debate team at your college and, while this could influence your communication style in some settings, you are probably careful in social settings.

3.      Prefer a circular style that provides a lot of context and helps people have a full picture of the situation under discussion. You may also be indirect.

4.      Prefer a linear style and probably are direct in the way you deliver messages.

5.      Prefer a circular style and may also be concrete, especially if you like to tell stories, and indirect.

6.      Prefer a concrete style that keeps the topic connected to reality. You may also be indirect, especially if you like to give a lot of contextual information that “fills out” the topic.

7.      Prefer an attached style if using your hands accompanies expressions of emotion. You may also be circular but not necessarily. This could be your way of showing how passionate you feel about the topic. On the other hand, you may be fairly direct and linear but need to demonstrate what you are talking about visually.

8.      Prefer an attached style—expressing emotion is important to you and you do it appropriately.

9.      See number 2 except that you are strongly oriented to the intellectual engagement style. You may also prefer linear, direct, and abstract styles to insure clarity but also to engage in the search for real meaning and truth.

10. Prefer abstract, linear, and direct styles because you want the facts laid out for you and that means providing data, not stories or examples unless they are ones that prove a theory.