1.4.1- An Accident


An Accident Exercise


You are riding in a car driven by a close friend when he hits a pedestrian. There are no other witnesses and the pedestrian is bruised but not badly hurt. The speed limit in this part of town is 20 miles an hour, but you happen to notice that your friend was driving 35. His lawyer tells you that if you will testify under oath that your friend was driving 20, he will suffer no serious consequences. (Adapted from Fons Trompenaars, Riding the Waves of Culture)


Before reading further, check the "Yes" or "No" in answer to this question:


Would you testify that your friend was driving 20 miles an hour?

Yes           No

Percentage of Americans who said they would not: 96%  

Percentage of Venezuelans who said they would not: 34%


What do you think accounts for the great difference between Venezuelan and American percentages?

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