1.4.4 - Your Time or My Time


Your Time or My Time


Another way in which cultures differ significantly is in their attitude towards “time” and their ideas about its importance in human interactions. While time can be measured objectively by watches and clocks, the importance of time in everyday life is subject to many interpretations. A continuum that is often used to characterize a culture's attitude towards time is monochronic versus polychronic. But before we define these two poles, please do the following activity.


Service with a Smile Exercise


The drawing below represents a shopkeeper standing behind the counter in his shop. Imagine eight patrons ready to check out. Using circles to represent them, drag each patron in the diagram showing how they should arrange themselves in front of the counter.


For a drawing of how people from a different culture would stand in this situation, click on discussion.




Tales from the...



Learning from Cultural Encounters !!