Friendly Conversation


Friendly Conversation What Happened and Why?


Location: Amman, Jordan

Student: Male, 21  


I had been invited to the home of one of my language teachers for a family get-together. The home was small and quite crowded. Eventually a nice middle-aged gentleman came over and sat down close beside me on a sofa and asked me a bunch of questions about my background and family. He asked if I had seen some of the local archeological ruins. I said I had and they were impressive. He got excited and moved even closer to me, put his hand on my thigh, and began to extol the past glories of the country. His face was really close to mine, and I was feeling overwhelmed and extremely uncomfortable. He even took my hand in both of his for a minute or so. I felt totally invaded and had to get up and go outside for a minute. What was going on?

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