Train in the Rain


Train in the Rain - What happened and why?


Location: Copenhagen,  Denmark
Student: Female, 21

After my first full day of classes in Copenhagen I was exhausted. I could not wait to get back to my host family's house and write in my journal about all of the new things I had encountered. But first I had to take the train home. It was raining slightly but I only had to wait five or ten minutes for my train to show up since in Copenhagen they are always on time. When it stopped, I opened the doors like I had seen so many other people do and took the first empty seat. Since it was after commuting time the train wasn't full and the seat in front of me was empty. In an effort to get more comfortable, I propped my feet up on the empty seat and reclined. The ride was much nicer than I had anticipated; there were lots of picturesque houses and stores along the route to daydream about, so I wasn't bored. About halfway home an older woman came up to me and gave me an odd look. I thought she wanted to sit in the seat in front of me so I put  my feet down to make room. However, instead of sitting she started yelling at me in Danish and walked off.

Why was she so annoyed?

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